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San Diego, CA

The Coronado Hotel has been a familiar landmark in San Diego since the 1880s. Additional views of the hotel. The lobby is exquisitely appointed... Birds of Paradise are planted around the outdoor patios. Maria treated me to a delicious birthday luncheon here! We decided to buy this house down the street from the hotel. Across the street is the sea wall. Don't ask the price... Maria makes friends easily!

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo Web Site Perhaps the best zoo in the world.. Dave makes friends easily! This is the real gorilla! The bonobo chimps are very endangered. They differ from common chimps by smaller size and their culture of avoiding fights by making love! Really! Read more here... Maybe you can help save these, our next of kin, from extinction? You may even be able to train your dog using tecniques developed in zoos! Read more here... The orangutans are always fun to watch! Our favorites were the primates. Giraffes included two youngsters. Can't forget the elephants and rhinos! There was a great collection of birds... And an extensive collection of hoofed animals. Return to previous page