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Monterey Penisula

Pebble Beach Golf Links

Here are photos from the tee on the Pebble Beach 17th hole. The stands are being set up for the AT&T Pro-Am the weekend of 7-12th of February. The 17th green. Notice that if you hit too far on this par 3 hole, your ball ends up with the seals, gulls, cormorants, and the fish! Whoops! Stepping off the green at 17, we look down the fairway of the famous, signature 18th hole at Pebble Beach from the tee. The 18th fairway is long, with the ocean on the left. The approach to the green is blocked on the right by a large tree which was moved there in 2002 from the 1st fairway! Another view down the fairway at 18 and a view looking back from the green towards the fairway... Formidable bunkers around the green, and a view from the green to the clubhouse/hotel. The hotel is also called "The Lodge", but is not owned by the same group that owns "The Lodge" at Torrey Pines. View of the 1st tee from a cafe balcony. I had a wonderful lunch up there! I talked to Tony on the cell phone for quite a while while enjoying this view! On the right is a photo of a whimsical sculpture which I really like...

More on the 17 Mile Drive

Left: Interesting pines with some kind of parasitic plant like spanish moss. Right: "The Lone Pine" which has been there for over 250 years. Protection added by man to, "help it get to 300"! Stress from the wind and weather distort the trees, but make them excellent photo ops! Guess? This is a macro photo of the inside of a dead pine branch! Note the wood cells. Taken at about 2 cm from the wood... Another photo op... Another photo op in HDTV format ... There were some interesting tide pools accessible by walking across the sand, then walking on slippery boulders. But the photos show it was worth the trip! This rock was covered with seals and cormorants. Out in the water I saw a sea otter swimming on its back in the kelp. Relatively tame squirrels hung out at the tourist vistas!
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