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La Jolla, CA

We were located near the La Jolla Glider Port which is several hundred feet above the Pacific ocean and Blacks beach. The idea is to run off the edge of the cliff and glide around in the thermals. Yeh, right! The parasails are really pretty. The pilots spend a lot of time making adjustments, waiting for the right winds, and getting their courage up! There are a lot of cords to potentially tangle! We packed a nice lunch. I snuck in a bottle of Asti Spumonti which I carefully decanted into Maria's empty water bottle... Whoops, Maria takes a big swig! I think she suspects something amiss! The cliffs present a good vista for photos of the ocean. Note the danger sign! What a handsome couple! Tanning instructions on the beach... From the glider port parking lot we could see the Torrey Pines golf course which is host to the 2006 Buick Invitational Golf Tournament, January 26-29th.
After leaving the glider port, we drove up the road and managed to work our way into "The Lodge" at Torrey Pines Golf Club. From there, we snuck out to the stands on the eighteenth green where the pros will finish!
We took Stephanie and her best friend Emily out to dinner at a really nice Italian restaurant. Stephanie is considering the Peace Corps and Medical School, while Emily is working on her PhD in inorganic chemistry. Very good looking, funny, and engaging pair! Stephanie is a friend I met doing volunteer clean-up work in New Orleans. To see photos of the "real" Stephanie, click here
Maria and I attended "St. Mary, Star of the Sea" church on Sunday. Normally there is coffee and donuts, so the parish is called "Starbucks of the Sea". Return to previous page