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Judy's Place

Judy's backyard includes an inground swimming pool. The trellis makes a good spot for the hummingbird feeder. I love to feed the birds every year. The most common species are mourning doves and sparrows The dog, Jiggs, doesn't chase the birds, but they don't wait around to see if he will!

Photos from 5-8 Feb 2006

Dave and Hope in the kitchen of Hope's new condo. Dave and Hope in Hope's new condo A flower blooming outside Hope's condo. Susan and Keith who have announced their intention of getting married in Las Vegas in November of 2006! Susan made the cheese and tomato tower for the super bowl party. I cleaned the tent and tarp from the previous camping trips. What's wrong with the photo on the right? Views of Judy's backyard. More of the back and side yard showing the orange and lemon trees. Yum! The other side yard and front of Judy's house. The golf course down the road from Judy's and Dave's cat, Zero, hiding under her bed. I like to walk Jiggs every day. When he hears, "Want to go for a walk?", I'll get no peace until I take him! Return to previous page