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Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park web site Joshua Tree National Park map (pdf) This composite photo shows the height of the California palms which grow in isolated oasis around the park where springs can be found. Beautiful camp spot in White Tank #15! The camp site is surrounded by interesting rock formations, and, at least one cute jackrabbit! Another view of the camp site and an agave nearby. The park is named for the Joshua Tree, a large agave, that grow quite high and to a long life. The Mormans named the tree because it reminded them of Joshua supplicating to God. Interesting rock formations include "Skull Rock" and "Split Rock" I went for a hike in this remote, small canyon where I "ran" into this interesting tree called, "Wait a Minute". It has sharp spikes which grab you, as if to say, "wait a minute". Hikers, mountain climbers and crack climbers come from all over to try their skills... This spectacular vista is from Keys Point. We are looking across the Salton Sea, and the faint, far away peak across the sea is Signal Mountain in Mexico, 95 miles distant! Barker's dam was built back in the early 1900s to supply cattle with water. It is now a pleasant stop in the desert which includes ducks! Pack rats make nests from cholla pieces covered with spikes. This scares off coyotes and foxes but not snakes! Note the rat dung along the paths. A beautiful shrub out west is called Manzanita. It has twisted mahogany and white branches. The "Cholla Garden" is one of the more beautiful and interesting parts of the park! There is a detailed guide on everything you need to know about RV camping in Joshua Tree National Park. It is free and packed with practical tips and advice. You can find it here: RV Camping in Joshua Tree National Park Return to previous page