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Stuffing and Cramming

How do I get all this stuff in a Honda Insight? Note tarp is 12 ft x 12 ft.
Not easily!
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Maria's Birthday Party

Birthday on Nov. 12th, Party on Nov. 13th
Happy birthday Maria!
Maria feeding Pat at Japanese restaurant Hard to eat with chopsticks and no left hand!
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Tony's Send-Off Motel

Tony the hostelier Nov. 14, 2005 Thanks again Tony!
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On the road Nov. 15, 2005

Leaving Ohio and entering KY As rumor had it, many years ago Florence, KY had a water tower erected and wished to advertize the new mall. It was to have said, "Florence Mall", but due to a painter's error, the text was was modified, as you can see here!
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Bardstown and the Abbey of Gethsemani

Home for the next three nights! Beautiful campsite. However, first night were tornado warnings, high wind, torrential rain, and the temperature dropped to 35 deg F! The tent stayed dry! More than just famous from song, Bardstown, KY is a delightful mixture of religious life, bourbon distilleries, and wonderful people. It is a lovely town and I highly recommend a visit. In this photo are my new friends Chris and Rene treating me to shots from three local bourbon makers and a fine dinner for $15! Hurst's Restaurant just across the street from the State Park Camp Grounds.
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Abbey of Gethsemani

Trappists have been praying seven times a day for the world for a long time! Beautiful location. Very nice people. For more photos of the Abbey click here Check out the Gethsemani web site by clicking here
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My Old Kentucky Home

Stephen Foster visited his close friends the Rowens here and later referred to this house in his famous song, "My Old Kentucky Home" For more photos of Foster's Old Kentucky Home click here
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Nov. 18th - On the Road Again

Hey! A Saturn 1B at the Alabama Visitor's Center!

The Ave Maria Grotto - Wow!

Created by St. Bernard Abbey Brother Joseph Zoettl (1878-1961), the grotto contains 125 miniature reproductions of biblical scenes and famous buildings around the world. For more photos of this remarkable grotto click here Check out the Grotto's web site by clicking here
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The Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament

An incredible place built from the vision of Mother Angelica. A MUST SEE. Mother Angelica is also the Superior for the cloistered nuns who live here. The Shrine is out in the middle of Alabama countryside and is very startling in this setting. Inside, the altar wall is all in gold and the monstrance with Our Lord is beautifully displayed high above the altar. A castle was built nearby where the gift store is located, as well as meeting rooms. My home for one night was this cottage built for pilgrims to the Shrine. The next night I moved over one cottage due to booking problems. Sure beats a tent! Check out the Shrine's web site by clicking here
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Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN)

For more photos of EWTN click here Check out the EWTN web site by clicking here
After visiting EWTN in Irondale, a suburb of Birmingham, on Nov. 20, 2005, I drove southwest to Tuscaloosa, AL where I spent a rainy night in a motel, five miles from the University of Alabama. Unfortunately, 'Bama had just lost to Auburn, one of the USA's classic college football meetings. The Crimson Tide will return one day to seek revenge, I'm sure. The most famous name in college football down here is not a player but one of the most successful coaches in the history of college football, "Bear" Bryant. Many streets and buildings down here are name after him. Check out this man's incredible record here On Monday morning I headed south for New Orleans and Slidell, Louisiana to volunteer time cleaning up after hurricane Katrina. Before leaving Mississippi I made a brief stop at the NASA's John Stennis Space Center where the solid rocket boosters for the shuttle are tested. It's nice to be putting on shorts again in the morning!
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Hurricane Katrina Cleanup

A catagory 5 hurricane packing winds of 160 mph bears down on New Orleans the afternoon of August 28, 2005. Today the sun sets over a peaceful Lake Pontchartrain, making it hard to believe what the eight hours of fury must have been like. Located in Slidell, LA and created by the Hilltop Churches of Christ, this camp I joined can accommodate up to sixty volunteers! They have had over 450 volunteers who have cleaned up over 350 houses! For more photos of Hilltop Rescue Camp click here Frank is one of thousands of displaced victims. A Marine veteran of Korea and retired policeman in New Orleans - his wife of 42 years passed away in 2000 - his house wiped out in Katrina this year. Denise provides some comfort with a hug. For more photos of Katrina victims click here For more even more photos of Katrina victims click here This was a real Thanksgiving! Just ask Bob here! For more photos of Thanksgiving at Hilltop click here The volunteers had some fun as tourists too! L-R: Rodney, Jason, Bart, Thom, Clayton, Linda For more photos of New Orleans click here Check out the Katrina web site by clicking here
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