Very pretty car. Did the 1/4 mile in 6.05 sec


Just warmin' up my tires!



Cars lined up for racing. The overpass made for great photo ops!

Gangsta car

What a beauty!

Interesting intersection


View from end of quater mile

Quarter mile end - display of speed and time

My idea of a commuter car

Turbo jet engine - if this car had wings it would fly

Pratt &Whitney turbo jet engine - Wow

“Soccer Mom” SUV entry in left lane

Car on the far right is the ”Soccer Mom“, SUV, entry - quarter mile in 11 seconds!

I tried hitchiking

Are you sure this is a good way to spend our gas money?

Delay while parts get cleaned up off dragway

Warmin up the tires. What is this youngster doing without ear plugs!

Watch the lights in the tree between the cars


Warmin' up the tires

Is the car there?

Smoke clearing a bit...

There they go

Does your VW engine look like this?


Bugzilla is not your average Volkswagon beatle!

Six rows of trailers each a quarter mile long!

View from the overpass

Pulling away from the overpass

Warm up those tires...

Ouch! Hurts my ears!

Caught 'em at the green light!

What could be more fitting on the 4th of July!

Stars and Bars on the 4th of July