2006 House Addition - October

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I took this picture on October 25th, early in the morning with the sun just rising and shining on the trees behind the house. Dark clouds in the sky make a perfect backdrop...

Drywall: prep, delivery and installation, October 10 - 26

Hey, careful with that monster! Follow the link to the photos of the preparation for drywall, drywall delivery and installation here.

Preparation for driveway, October 16 & 18

The driveway area had to be excavated, a crock installed and piped, stone distribued, and forms spiked in place at the proper height. Note the burning bush has been moved and the laser level is set up on the right. A link to these photos is here.

Driveway pour, October 21, 2006

Rain, rain, and snow. With lousy weather early for this area, we had only one clear day to pour the driveway! Scott and his team came out early on Saturday and after a full day and two concrete trucks, I had a drive! Photos of this day of action are located here.

Ceiling Insulation, October 24, 2006

Dan (left) and Larry (right) came out to blow cellulose insulation into the ceilings above the garage and living space. The tanks are in the truck and a long hose is run to the garage and up to the attic space. This blown insulation is much more efficient that rolled insulation. Baffles have been installed to allow air to flow from the soffets above the layer of insulation. These are the same guys who did the walls when I was out of town.

Shower Plumbing Hardware, October 26, 2006

The shower plumbing hardware arrived, FINALLY! Sean got it installed on Thursday and I took my first shower in the house since the old bathroom was demolished on August 31st! Good thing I was gone for three weeks.

Cut Driveway, Install Gravel Apron October 27, 2006

On Friday, Scott and Chris returned to cut the driveway and install gravel at the entrance to the driveway. More photos of this activity are located here.

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