2006 House Addition - August

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Backfill, Garage Drains August 1-3

Hey, wait a minute, that's ME driving the skid loader. Sean should have known better than to have left the keys with me overnight! Here is a link to the photos of the installation of the garage drains and backfill August 1-3, 2006

Install crawl space vapor barrier, Cut access to existing basement, Pour concrete floor, Take first lumber delivery Monday-Tuesday, August 6-7, 2006

No onsite work was done on Friday, August 4, but the action started up again on Monday, August 6th. Here is a link to the photos August 6-7, 2006

Floor and walls framing Tuesday, August 8, 2006

I couldn't believe how much got done today! A crew of five carpenters showed up and installed the floor joists, sub-floor, exterior walls and interior walls! Tyvex was installed on the living space walls. Here is a preview taken at the end of the day: Here is a link to the photos from this action packed day: August 8th

Roof trusses and sheathing Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Another amazing day with the five carpenter crew. Roof trusses showed up around 8:30am and installation proceeded. All the wall and roof sheathing was installed as well! Photos taken at 11:30 am and 4:50 pm How did they do it? Here is a link to the trusses going up... August 9th

Roof paper and shingles August 10-14, 2006

On Thursday the 10th, Bill came out to put 30# tar paper on the roof. Somehow my Honda Insight crept into the garage to test out its new home! Maria and I took a long weekend to travel to Ocean City, NJ. When we got back on August 14th, the roof was completely shingled.

Tree removal (1 of 2) August 17, 2006

This photo was taken in June before any construction started. These two 70 ft high, 75 year old Norway Spruce trees were very pretty and a good food source for gray, red and fox squirrels in the area. I was very reluctant to take them down, but they produce a lot of cones and branches with sap in them which would be bad for the roof, gutters and siding. If they fell, they could have easily wiped out the roof. I finally resolved to cut them down myself. Photos of the first tree felling (tree on left) are viewable here.

Trenching and site clean-up August 21, 2006

On Monday, Jeff came out with his assistant, Joe, to trench for, and lay in, footer drains and gutter drains. Jeff also cleaned up the big piles of dirt and debris around the house and helped fell the second tree. He also filled my neighbor's (Bill and Ada) cart with six loads of dirt! Jeff really did an outstanding job! Photos of these activities are viewable here.

Garage floor concrete pour August 25, 2006

On Friday, the garage floor was poured. Also, a new concrete wall was poured down in the crawl space to support the old house stone foundation. The total concrete was 14 yards in two deliveries. At nearly 2 tons per yard, the weight of the concrete delivered was 28 tons! Photos of the concrete going in are viewable here.

Windows, house openings, demolish bathroom August 30-31, 2006

At the end of August, Wednesday and Thursday, windows were delivered and installed, the doorways cut between the new addition and existing house, and the old bathroom demolished (will become the new laundry room). Photos of the action are viewable here.

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