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Christmas 2005

The mob in two separate poses for the camera! Kayla lays claim to being Santa Claus this year. She was only allowed if she had red socks! Stephanie gets very excited opening Jenny's gift of a new "i-Dog". i-Dog was a big hit with all! Grampa shows how well his tie goes with Jenny's gift of an insulated shirt for cold nights to come. Kayla poses with her Christmas sweat shirt from Grampa. Judy demos new white sweater from Jenny. David and Maria both gave me Wy-Fi hot spot detectors; what are the odds of that happening! Keith and Susan made the biggest hit with the grandkids by giving them each a cell phone with 1000 minutes! David posing with his new reindeer while Andrew enjoys his pop gun from the Alamo! One happy dude. Kayla working on strobe light gift. Stephanie snacking with Jiggs looking on. Or is it the other way around? Susan really likes the red Cuisinart from Dad (me) and red Kitchen-Aid pot/pan set from Mom (Judy). Judy makes Christmas day call to Jenny. Judy's cousin Diane and Diane's friend Carolyn stop over on Christmas morning. They live in Casa Grande, about 45 minutes south of Phoenix. 28-Dec-2005 at 3:30 Ken arrives from Tokyo, Japan! David A. and his gal Hope - she is 4'11" and Dave is 6'5" ! Dave and Hope opening Jen's gift and a group picture Return to previous page