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Sequoia National Park

I left Placerville on February 2nd and drove to Selma, CA "Raisin Capital of the World" via Route 99 where I stayed overnight. The next morning I took Route 198 up past Three Rivers to Sequoia National Park. Before the morning was done, I had driven from 200 feet to 6840 feet altitude! It is a beautiful ride up into the park from Three Rivers! This is another fantastic park that doesn't get much press! Blue Jay awaits me at the Visitor's Center! I took this photo of a picture in the Visitor's Center to show what ambition and hard work can do! That's right men, it's a huge tree, let's cut it down. duh. Off in the distance are snow covered mountains and a large boulder known as Moro Rock. The "General's Highway", as it is known, snakes it's way up into the mountains. This could be my luckiest shot in 12 weeks on the road! A bobcat came down out of the forest and on to the road and I had my camera ready! Even the rangers said this is a hard photo to get... Moro's Rock is closer now. At some altitude above 4000 feet, I noticed this strange white stuff all over the ground. It hurt to hold it! You know when you enter the "Giant Forest"! Surrounded by giant sequoias! Lying on the ground near the General Sherman, is a fallen sequoia that is large enough to have carved a tunnel through! Another view of tunnel in tree. Looking down the fallen tree with the tunnel in it. This sign says it all! That's me standing at the bottom of this magnificent tree! From a distance one can capture the entire General Sherman sequoia. It is awesome! Looking up General Sherman is amazing. Here is another perspective on the girth of the tree... "One Square Inch" of the bark shows little hair-like growth that gives these sequoias a reddish tint. The trees have suffered many lightening strikes and fires. If you look closely, you will see where a branch broke off high up on the right... Here is the fallen part of the branch. Wow. Return to previous page