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River Walk

The River Walk is one of the most famous attractions in San Antonio. Extending 3+ miles through central city, it is 20-30 feet below street level, providing cool temperatures in the summer. There are many shops and restaurants along the walk as well as beautiful plants and sculpture. Reminiscent of Venice, there are many bridges and side canals. From the walk one can go on side trips, street-side, such as this one to the "Little Village". A margarita stop along the River Walk. This is the restaurant Casa Rio, and thanks to Marilyn, our great waitress, for taking the photo! Ain't she sweet! Pigeons love chips without salsa! Images above were taken at our table, now the empty one below. At this restaurant we had oysters and gumbo. More River Walk. Night view below. In December, the River Walk is decked out in Christmas lights and luminaries. River Walk at night. At one nice restaurant the Mariachi combo played some romantic music for us! What a handsome couple at the Swig Martini bar! Tour boats make a thirty minute cruise around the canals. We took the tour boat and had a lot of fun with our captain, "Tom Cruise"! More River Walk There was an art show along River Walk on the weekend. Here is a table of "Marblies" - cute Return to previous page