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Other images from San Antonio


Images below are from the King William district of San Antonio. These mansions were built in the 1800-1900s. Architectural styles vary widely.


Beautiful plants were everywhere including the symmetrical palms and agave. Note the duck hiding among the lily pads! sa73 sa7

Around San Antonio

Here is one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, the "El Mirador", fantastic food at rock bottom prices!
Whoa! A pink poodle??!! The San Antonio convention center was being used by 6000 for a Brest Cancer Symposium! After Hurricane Katrina, the New Orleans Saints were moved to San Antonio's Alamodome. It looks like they will be here for a long time!


Vital Needs International (VNI) with Maria as a guest! VNI's Ron Hicks giving students at Trinity Academy testimony regarding his fateful trip to Ethiopia During morning prayer at VNI we had guitar/vocal music from Adam Schindler (left) plus Nick and Caroline Cotzee (center).
This photo was taken on the return trip, 27-Feb-2006 Rich, Ron and Brad sign off on the Canine Relief product deal!
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