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Christmas 2005

Rick and I in front of his house in Gilbert, AZ. Rick took Ken, Alex and I out for a Vietnamese lunch and an Italian gelatto dessert - thanks again Rick! He also took us for a tour of Intel's local facilities where he currently works. Trish, Rick's wife, with her mother, Helen, and her father, Harold. Harold is carrying a screwdriver since he was in the middle of replacing Trish's kitchen sink! Trish with her ten year old daughter, Nicolette. Nicolette is very bright and doing well in school. She is also a very nice young lady! That's Sophie, the family dog on Nicky's lap. Rick and Trish's son, Alex, is on the right in this photo. He is sixteen years old and is also very bright. He is fun to be with as he knows lots about music, computers and other subjects. It was fun for Rick and I to see our oldest sons getting along so well together! L-R: Helen, Trish, Ken, Rick, and Alex. Return to previous page