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Padre Island National Seashore

How's this for a cool camping spot! In front of the tent were all these tire marks! Lots of people were camped down the beach, but when a convoy of tanker trucks went by, I asked around and discovered that Texas beaches are considered highways! Shore bird on the left and a wet peregrine falcon on the right. The dunes have been replanted by Texas and the Federal governments. This has stopped the errosion caused by years of decimation from cattle ranching and other destructive activities by man. "One Square Inch" photos of interesting barnacles on driftwood. "One Square Inch" photo of a tiny, eroded sand drift! After leaving Padre, I drove up through Mustang Island (State Park) and eventually to the mainland. One of the numerous crossings from island to island was not by bridge, as usual, but rather by a ferry that traveled not more than 300 yards! There were about four ferries rotating continuously to handle the traffic! For more info from the NPS web site, click here Return to previous page