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Mardi Gras

Dave, I, and Dennis wave to all our friends, especially the Hilltoppers, and for Dennis, especially Stephanie ;>) Hats off to our gracious host Stu and his wife Sue. Unfortunately, I missed getting Sue's photo as she went to work way too early! These folks took Dave, Dennis and I in as house guests on the nights of 21/22-Feb-2006. In addition, they had another house guest, three dogs, and an iguana! What great hospitable people! Thanks again Stu and Sue! Stu also happens to be a meister brewer for Abita, who make the bock beer I so enjoyed at Pat's Restaurant in Henderson in the Atchafalaya! Dennis working on his business plan to Wi-Fi the area. This is a unique, hi-tech approach he has come up with. It is also an investment opportunity. If you are interested from a business perspective, please email me. Our first stop at Mardi Gras was Pat O'Brien's on St. Peter's Street. The waitress was amazed at Dave's ability to tie knots in cherry stems with his tongue! A classic scene of Mardi Gras, folks tossing beads from the balconies while revellers below wait to collect them. Here Dennis and Dave enjoy the street action... Policemen on horseback (and I mean BIG horses) do crowd control as revellers consume vast amounts of alcohol! One of the most fun aspects of Mardi Gras is people watching. Here are some of those wild and crazy guys! Dress at Mardi Gras is casual... Return to previous page