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More on the visit to Joe and Lynda's

They have a beautiful, 4200 sq. ft. house, designed in the shape of an octagon. A spiral staircase goes up through the entire height of the house in the center. This is the view from the street. View looking at the back of the house. View looking across the valley from the back yard. View of path and bench area. Joe is a dentist. He helped design and build this building. It is the nicest dental office I have seen. One of six spaces with a chair and equipment. View looking down the main corridor of the office. Joe looking at an award presented to him by the Texas Academy of General Dentistry in 2005. "Dentist of the Year 2005". Best dentist in Texas! Joe also won the award in 1991. Joe took his close friend Justice Bob Cummings and me to breakfast at Tapatio's (nice Mexican diner). Bob had several positions as judge, the latest was on the Texas Civil Court of Appeals. He knew everyone in town! Bob has been suffering from Parkinson's disease and Joe has been a loyal friend, taking him out to enjoy activities such as this one. Saturday evening (12/3/05) we visited a very large Christmas lights display called, "Fort Hood Morale, Welfare and Recreation’s - Nature in Lights". It includes 110 animated displays over 5.5 miles. It was quite enjoyable and very popular. Return to previous page