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Atchafalaya Swamp

Access to the Lake Fausse Pointe State Park was via a road along the levee you see here. I had a great tent site within yards of the swamp where I could watch wildlife. You can see a platform behind the tent at the edge of the water. These two photos were taken from the same location in different directions. It shows the vast swamp river with isolated hummucks of cypress and tupelo. Bald cypress is everywhere. Cypress "knees" come up around the trees. It is thought that their function is to provide oxygen to the tree roots in time of flooding. The knees do not form new trees. A closer look at cypress knees... More views of hummucks and cypress stands... Here are some examples of how hardy people live in the bayou. It's all about the water. The swamp is full of turtle, alligator, crayfish, crabs, and fish. Combined with the cajon seasonings, really good fresh meals are available! Speaking of good meals - I had one of the best meals of this trip at a place called "Pat's" up the levee in the town of Henderson. If you are ever driving I-10 east of Lafayette, LA, don't miss this place. I had corn and crab bisque, alligator, and crayfish all topped off by a fantastic local beer, Abita Bock! Yum, I get hungry just thinking of that meal! If you want another recommendation, try the New York Times by clicking here I was able to take two hikes, trails "A" and "C" in the SP covering a distance of about six miles. This gave me a chance to see a lot of the swamp. On the left, you can see the outline of a long abandoned crawfish boat, and on the right, palmetto growing in the woods. In places the water is isolated and will not flow until the next rain. Here I saw turtles and waterfowl. A fallen tree makes a nice arch in the photo...
"One Square Inch" photos, close-ups, of the swamp are here for you to enjoy. There is great beauty in the tiny world that we are often too much in a hurry to see... For more external info on the Lake Fausee Pointe SP, click here Return to previous page