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Aransas National Wildlife Refuge

These photos were taken on the top of the observation platform at the end of a 16 mile loop road through the refuge. Here, a flock of vultures makes their home in a grove of trees over the picnic area. I wonder what they're waiting for? Down below in the picnic area, a lone opposum was sniffing out various goodies left by the tourists! On the left, a white egret looks for a meal while on the right a group of deer are spooked by my stopping to take their picture! I got off the loop road to take the 1.4 mile hike along the "Heron Flats" trail. The trail guide had lots of plant indentification, and I was lucky to see quite a variety of salt marsh birds. This photo was taken along higher ground on the return path of the Heron Flats trail. I was intrigued again with all the small and beautiful plants as seen in the following close-up, "One Square Inch" photos: For more info from the U.S Fish & Wildlife web site, click here Return to previous page